Scientists on a mission to cultivate a deeper understanding of human PSYCHOLOGY & BEHAVIOR

Welcome to the future home of the PsychTable EPA Research Database. We created this website to share our vision and progress as we work towards launching our open-science research tool for the world's use. After learning about PsychTable, we hope you'll be as excited about its potential as we are. 



an open science, ONLINE platform devoted to uncovering the richness and complexity of human behavior

This mass collaborative project will be the first comprehensive database to classify, compile, and organize proposed human Evolved Psychological Adaptations (EPAs) onto a dynamic platform optimized for scientific evaluation and research.



WE AIM to fulfill 4 core OBJECTIVES:



Increase awareness of the role evolution has played in shaping our minds, brain, and behavior



Create a simple and intuitive taxonomy of EPAs



Help identify gaps in current EPA research



Provide a reference tool for scientists studying human behavior




Feasibility & Proof Of Concept

Since 2011, our team has been developing the complex algorithm, user experience, and platform structure of our proposed database. We've consulted with experts across relevant scientific disciplines, such as psychologists, anthropologists, and biologists, for input on the functional and conceptual details of our proposal. We've collaborated with designers to create the initial prototype wireframes and UX strategy. We've worked with web developers to determine the feasibility of our vision. With all this groundwork covered, we're now ready to bring the platform to life.




We're currently raising the funds needed to take PsychTable from concept to reality. This funding will allow us to hire the highly experienced web designers and developers needed create the robust and intuitive interface that is the core component of the platform.



Development & Testing

Once funding has been secured, we will begin the technical development process in earnest. Key volunteers will be used to test out the design and interface to ensure optimal usability and functionality.

PsychTable Launch

After completing the rigorous development and testing process, we will launch PsychTable to all those interested in understanding the roles of EPAs in human behavior.




"An intriguing project, with the promise of stimulating reflection and further research."

Steven Pinker Ph.D.

Johnstone Family Professor of Psychology, Harvard University



"...[A]n extremely ambitious and welcome venture."

Robert l. trivers, Ph.d.

Rutgers University



"Open access meets open inquiry at this site where evidence for each hypothesis is critically evaluated on a case-by-case basis, free of the bias of programmatic agendas."


David j. Buller ph.d.

Northern Illinois University



"This ambitious and important initiative has the potential to be a momentous endeavor in easily accessible synthesis for advancing the study and categorization of our evolved psychology."


Andrew C. Gallup Ph.D. 

SUNY Polytechnic Institute



"A landmark project for the field of evolutionary psychology. It will be a go-to source for researchers and students, and it will be a major engine that will drive future work in the field."

Glenn Geher Ph.D.

State University of New York at New Paltz



"PsychTable's potential to propel evolutionary psychology forward is limitless. PsychTable will...allow researchers to allocate their time, attention, and resources in a far more efficient manner as they attempt to uncover and understand human nature."

Barry Kuhle, Ph.D.

The University of Scranton and Contributor, Psychology Today Magazine



"The PsychTable project is a brilliant and well-conceived operation that will organize and classify the scattered data of evolutionary psychology into a coherent database.
It would be a scientific dream come true and has my wholehearted support."

Robin Fox, Ph.D.,

Rutgers University



"PsychTable is a rare opportunity to develop a sustainable, collaborative, and revolutionary platform within evolutionary behavioral science. The scientific community has been calling for it for decades."

Rosemarie Sokol Chang, Ph.D.

American Psychological Association



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