PsychTable will use a specially designed algorithm to classify and evaluate evidence of proposed human evolved psychological adaptations (EPAs) into a taxonomic system comparable to the Periodic Table of Elements.

With this taxonomic system in place, scientists will be able to:

• Explore the existing dossier of EPAs
• Connect directly with a worldwide community of scientists, educators, students, and contributors
• Browse and contribute to a database of existing literature that both supports and challenges the existence of each proposed EPA
• Help compile individual dossiers that profile individual EPAs
• Nominate hypothesized EPAs that may be substantiated or appear in the future via emerging research
• Gain rapid insights into which areas of evolutionary social science are open to further empirical enquiry


While there are many features to be included within the Psychtable platform, we want to highlight the core FEATURES & functionality of the website in order to showcase the vision of how it will be used.


Prototype design by Diana Choung •

Taxonomy Table

The home page features a taxonomic table of EPAs, akin to the periodic table of the elements, for easy access to the core content of the platform

EPA Dossier

Each EPA has a detailed dossier that allows for in-depth analysis and discovery

Adding An EPA

Adding an EPA is as simple as filling out an intuitive online form by following the step-by-step prompts

Reviewing A Citation

Each citation offers users the opportunity to explore the research in-depth

Adding A Citation

In an effort towards simplicity, adding a citation uses a similar step-by-step form to the one used in adding an EPA

Rating A Citation

Contributors can easily review and rate citations along multiple lines of evidence